dress | onesie | blanket 

Lots of people have been asking for me to share Milai’s current schedule, so I figured I’d do a post on it.  Keep in mind that this is what works for Milai and for us from the 1-5 week mark.  We also do not let her schedule overrule our day, so we may be anywhere from 30-90min off, but we always try to start the bedtime routine around the same time every night!

I also have to give Taking Cara Babies a shoutout.  If you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should.  She is a baby sleep expert and happens to be from Arizona.  Cara has an in-person + online class on how to get your baby to sleep.  We took her class before the baby was born and have followed her tips since day 1 and Milai has been sleeping 4-5 hours from the first 2 weeks!  I have so many girlfriends that have taken her online class to get their baby to sleep and it really works.  Definitely check her out!

I’ll start the schedule from her bedtime routine as I mentioned we always try to stick to the same time for bed.  Please make sure to read the notes below each times stamp to get the full scope of what her schedule is like. This is what her current schedule is at 5 weeks, but I’ve added extra notes below for earlier weeks!

feeding: I always try to nurse as much as I can.  We started introducing her to a bottle between 2-3 weeks after we got the okay from our dr, so she gets comfortable with it.  We give her a bottle (from the milk I pump at night) once a day before one of her naps!

6:50pm | set up bath time

7:00pm | bath
bath | sponge | soap 

7:10pm | bedtime routine
(in order)
– turn on the lamp instead of the overhead lighting
– turn on the sound machine
– diaper on
– we give her a baby massage with this lotion
– put on Tubby Todd All Over Ointment on her face (to help with her baby acne and dry skin)
swaddle her
– feed her! this part typically takes anywhere from 10-45min
ps I use this breastfeeding pillow and it’s amazing. It’s not your typical pillow, it forms to you, so when you’re feeding the baby, it’s very comforting to you and the baby! I’m so glad Bump Bestie made me register for it 🙂

7:30pm | asleep

10:00pm | bedtime pump
From 1-2 weeks, she was waking up around 1am, we tried dream feeding her, but she wouldn’t wake up for a dream feed. I was so engorged that I had to pump for some relief. Since she now sleeps longer, I still pump before I go to bed!

6:00am | awake for feeding
sometimes she wakes up at 5am, sometimes she sleeps until 7:30am.  Either way, this is when Kell will help me but checking her diaper and change (if necessary).  We keep the lights off, the sound machine on, and keep her in her swaddle and I’ll feed her.  She will typically fall back asleep and I put her back in her crib.
From 1-2 weeks she would wake up for feedings at 1am and then again at 4am.  At week 3, I was pumping at 1am when she stopped waking up at 1am, but dropped that pump at week 4 to try to sync with her schedule!

7:30am | awake for the day
she wakes up hungry so I feed her and get her ready for the day

9:00am | feeding + nap time
her day naps except for one nap out of the day is currently usually in the living room in her Dockatot or out and about if we are out of the house. We make sure that it’s not dim or dark, so she knows the difference between naps and bedtime.

10:30am | awake + feeding
I try to wake her every 2-3 hours during day time naps.  She typically wants to eat sometime between her awake time.

12:00pm | feeding + nap time
for her second nap of the day (if the day allows), I try to swaddle her, put the sound machine on, but keep the blinds open (her room doesn’t get a whole lot of light during this time of the day, so it’s perfect. Not too dark, not too bright).  I feed her and put her down for her nap.  This is typically her longest + deepest nap.  Also, if we have something going on and our schedule that day doesn’t allow us to have her deep nap, we will do it earlier or later in the day.

2:30pm | awake + feeding

4:30pm | feeding + nap
her last catnap of the day

5:30pm | awake + feeding

6:45pm | start our night time routine again but starting with bath time!