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hat | dress | flats | bag


It’s been exactly a week since I’ve been back from New York and I’m so excited to finally share these photos with you all!  I was in New York back in July and it was miserably hot and humid (check out my last trip here, here, and here) but it definitely felt like summer is over and fall was creepin’ in this time.  The first day we got to New York, it was pouring rain and it was freezing! Okay, maybe not freezing- but it was definitely cold!

We spent 5 days in New York to attend ENK Coterie, which is a global marketplace/trade show for apparel and accessories.  I can’t exactly tell you why we were there, but it’s for a project that we have been secretly working on this past year!  We checked out new emerging designers, spring & summer collections, and built amazing relationships with different brands and designers!

During our trip, we stayed at the beautiful Hudson Hotel, which is where all the photos above were taken at.  It’s an adorable boutique hotel with modern, but yet elegant decor and it may just be my future wedding venue… I mean, did you see the lobby?!  They also have a terrace on the 15th floor with a perfect view of the city.  So gorgeous!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2 of my New York trip!