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Something Sakura - A.V.E. Styles Press Kit Design

Every once in a while when things aren’t crazy in the studio, I like to take on side projects.  When my friend, Alex from A.V.E. Styles approached me to design her press kit– I was up for the challenge.  I’ve done a good handful of press kits in the past and I love doing them, because it’s almost like solving a puzzle.  There’s so much information that has to go into 1-2 pages so the layout, font size, and font color is something that’s crucial to keep the pages looking nice, clean, and easy to read.  Press kits are also very text heavy, which makes things difficult to read.  Mixing it up with icons, bullet points, dividers, and images will give it an easy flow!

If you’re interested in having any design work done, feel free to shoot me an email at hello[at]somethingsakura[dot]com!



Press Kit Design by Sakura Considine